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It's not just little kids who love sex. Contrary to what one might think, mature women are also nymphomaniacs, stingy for tushy sex. Having reached around 40, the desire for sex only increases. That’s why meeting cougars isn't really shocking anymore. These mature women love sex and seek to satisfy their cravings in any way.

Some rational explanations!

In general, men are always attracted to fresh flesh. After childbirth, breastfeeding and a few years together, they tire of their wives. These are considered tired and worn out. They then abandon their wives and rarely touch them. Yet these still require attention. This is one of the reasons why they seek satisfaction elsewhere. Tired of being neglected by their husbands, their desire for sex increases when they meet young virile men. It only takes a youngster to touch her once, and a mature woman goes crazy for the ass. She will recover and feel more woman than ever despite her age. She will start to want to be touched and to be desired more and more. But since the man who should be no longer able to meet her needs, she will look elsewhere.

A little anecdote

Marie, a 45-year-old woman and mother of two, admits to being a crazy ass. Her husband let her down after the birth of their second child. He left with a girl much younger than Marie. But this one did not despair. She found comfort in the arms of Paul, a young man in his thirties. Sex beast too, he satisfies his partner well. They met on the internet. Marie didn't lie to him that she loves sex, that she is even a born nymphomaniac. Paul liked his frankness.

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